14-Year-Old Releases Song and Video

May 28, 2014 12:56 pm

14-Year-Old Releases Song and Video

You cannot keep sheer talent away from the limelight. It does not matter if it is a funny prank videos or

someone engaging in some street bike stunts – if someone has talent allow them to shine.

So it is not surprising that Lititz teen, 14-yearl-old Sebastian Janoski finds himself hogging the limelight with

the release of his new song and video. There will be many more upload latest videos online soon because of


This promising young star has released his debut single, When You Were My Girl, and the song has already

caught on the imagination of pop music fans all over the world. Even celebrity news gossip videos are taking

this serious.

People are no longer browsing the Internet in search of funny prank videos or footages of street bike stunts.

They are instead gushing over Janoski’s video and watching the latest music videos online.

About Sebastian Janoski

Sebastian Janoski may have released his debut single now, but he had been spotted quite some time back. Many

eminent music personalities had hailed him as a talent to watch out for. Janoski had appeared on America’s Got

Talent and was featured on the Katie Couric Show. Jordin Sparks, of American Idol fame, had also named the

young musician as the “One to Watch” and he was not talking about watch funny videos online or some random

skateboard fail compilation.

Sebastian Janoski has not disappointed those who had bestowed faith in him. It seems that the prediction by

Sparks has come true. Janoski’s debut single is already steadily climbing up the popularity charts, and the video

has garnered thousands of hits on the Internet. Here we come latest music videos online and watch them glitter.

About Sebastian Janoski’s Debut Song

Sebastian Janoski’s debut song When You Were My Girl is rooted in its times but also stands out with a

uniqueness that the singer has infused in it. The song is quintessentially a modern-day pop song that has the

unmistakable strains of the blues and R&B Soul, Janoski’s favorite musical genres. This is not about stand up

comedy videos or even hip hop music videos, this is about the combination of R&B and Soul.

The video has been filmed in various well-known locations of Lititz, like the Lititz Springs Park, Bulls Head

Pub, and Tomato Pie Café. The video has more Lititz flavor. Local extras have been used in it.

The lilting tunes and the refreshingly fresh voice of Janoski will definitely go on to bring in more success for

When You Were My Girl. Here’s wishing Sebastian Janoski success as he tries to make it big and break into the

A-league and become involved with the latest Hollywood news and gossip.

Benjamin Roussey


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