50 Cent says he would have gone at Jay-Z if he would have sided with Ja Rule

April 28, 2014 6:51 pm

50 cent has been on a promotional tour, giving tidbits to how his mind works in a propagative campaign for his

new project , “Animal Ambition.” Among things he spoke on was the G-unit break up and the situation with Ja Rule

that escalated into several other beefs.

50, ever the quotable interview, provided juicy tidbits into his mindset on going at Fat Joe and Jadakiss after they

lent their vocals to the “New York” record.

“I liked the record, so I felt like it was going to fix what I was doing, so I had to get ’em. Once we get away, and I’ve

accomplish what I was after to begin with – [Ja] never got back in position and never became a threat to anything

that I was doing – then I can reevaluate that and revisit those situations.”

Fifty also indicated that anyone was fair game if they stood next to Ja Rule in his quest to finish the Queens MC.

Cosmic Kev asked if he would have went at Jay-Z to which 50 immediately responded, “He would have got it like

everybody else. He stayed clear of that motherf*****.”

He also reiterated that whoever chooses their foes are “punks” and that these issues can be resolved now that Ja is

no longer a significant threat. Check the interview in the appropriate box.

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