A Surprise Bigger than a Secret Wedding

March 14, 2014 11:31 pm

Stacy Kiebler’s Custom Designed Monique Lhuillier Reveals the Amount of Time Invested in Planning the Surprise Wedding
Courtesy: People magazine/Steve Erle

It took Stacy Kieblerfive years and a few break ups to find her true soul mate in her friend Jared Probe. Now we may have bashed the blonde beauty for breaking up with the Charming Clooney, but she definitely was right when she wants to have a family someday. We just did not know that ‘someday’ would come as such a surprise. With the week old wedding old news now, the newest sensation from the Stacy’s side is the newly revealed series of photos.
From the carefully chosen beach to an even more appropriately chosen time, everything about the small secret wedding seems to be perfect. Yet, one thing that goes beyond the most exaggerated definition of perfection is the custom-made gown worn by the stunning bride. “It was such a celebration of love with the whole family, better than I could have ever dreamed of,” says the former Dancing with the Stars hoofer.

And why wouldn’t it be Mrs. Probe! You had the dress every girl dreams of.
Despite the fact that Stacy dumped George Clooney (We apologize for not being able to get over this fact), the custom-made gown speaks volume about her fine taste. From the subtly embellished waist to the ideally revealing low cut back, the delicate lace dress had every imaginable element of beauty one can think of. Most importantly, it’s a huge relief to see that Stacy didn’t followed Kaley Cuoco’s ‘So 2014’ footsteps and opted for an elegant and traditional white gown. It’s not like we are against experimentation (Trust us, we are so looking forward toMiley’s nuptials), we just think good old Ivory pays the perfect complement to the colorful sunset of Punta Mita.
The lucky beau Jared Probe harmonizes his wife’s picture perfect style by keeping his suit equally elegant. Head to toe in aslightly darker shade of Ivory, Jared look equally charming to say the least. For all of you who are wondering which movie this handsome guy has appeared in, here’s a news flash. Jared is not associated with the ‘Tinstletown’. Jared Probe is the founder and CEO of one of the fastest-growing interactive companies in the country.
Despite knowing each other for five long years, Stacy and Jared started dating only six month before the wedding. And we a gown that perfect, we assume most of that time was spent on planning!

For Photos:http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20796032,00.html

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