Adrian Brody on Wes Anderson’s films

June 9, 2014 12:56 pm

Amazing actor, Adrien Brody, age 41, talks about film director and screenwriter Wes Anderson’s work.

Director Wes Anderson is well known for his distinctive style and narrative.

In this interview, actor Adrien Brody talks about him, while focusing on Anderson’s attention to detail and meaning of every used image or object.

‘He’s a genius’, Brody says.

Adrien is most well known for ‘The Pianist’ (2002) and ‘King Kong’ (2005).
He is last seen in Wes Anderson’s last movie ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ (2014), where he plays the role of a villain.

Right now Brody is in Sofia, Bulgaria, where there film his upcoming movie, which is still a secret.

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