Battle rapper shoots heroin during a battle

May 24, 2014 1:40 pm

Battle rap has come a long way from the street corner battles we witnessed during the early Smack DVD

days. Props are now customary in ways of exposing your opponent to gain a psychological edge. Also in

the Worldstar generation we are more accustomed to filming tragedy for internet publicity rather than

preventing it.

Enter a battle between a California MC named Cadillac Ron and rapper DGAF. Ron spits rounds about

how he is going through a troublesome time in his life as his opponent completely decimates him with

his lyrics. Around the 9:50 mark it is apparent that this is a mismatch when all of a sudden Ron pulls out

a needle and injects himself.

The crowd instead of stopping the battle cheers him on. One person even said he needed his “special

powers,” as they allowed a man obviously beaten by life to self-destruct. Check out the video in the

space provided.

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