Bearded Pop Star with Luscious Eyelashes Sings for a Cause

April 30, 2014 3:30 pm

Conchita Wurst’s real name is Tom Neuwirth. She is a drag queen-turned-pop star who is taking the world by storm with her songs. She sings for a cause, a cause that she feels in her heart. Conchita is representing Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest. She sports luscious eyelashes, a slender frame, a ramp-ready strut, and a thick beard. She loves being a part of the latest funny videos. Her immoral lifestyle and lack of class is given a new rise to stand up comedy videos.

Well, at least she is not on food stamps living off the hard workers of society. She is now making the latest music videos online.

Her striking looks as well as her strong words have landed her in the limelight, and she plans to use her fame to shine the spotlight during the singing contest on issues of heterosexuality.
Conchita’s Strong Stand on Heterosexuality
Conchita Wurst plans to sing a version of the ballad Rise Like a Phoenix during the Eurovision singing contest. She hopes that her song will raise awareness about the tensions surrounding heterosexuality in the European region. How about make a song about how Europe cannot defend itself without America’s help? How about making a song about how high taxes reduce jobs and opportunities for people? Wurst is just another politically correct pop star who is all about upload latest videos online.

Conchita has repeatedly spoken to the media about the situation in certain regions in Europe where alternative sexual orientation is looked down upon and LGBT rights are not recognized. Why should they be? They are not natural and go against the grain of logic and nature.
She has spoken about her difficult days of growing up as a gay in a small mountainous region of Austria. But she is also quick to point out that Austria has come a long way since then, and nowadays her native country has evolved into a tolerant and accepting society where LGBT issues are honored. Whatever, it is all about watch funny videos online when it comes to her and her strange ways.

That she has been accepted in her alter ego is ample proof of Austria’s progressive outlook.
The Eurovision Turns Out to be an Advocacy Platform
The prestigious Eurovision singing contest has thrown up stars like Celine Dion and ABBA. But the contest is also famous for metamorphosing into a platform for singers who want to sing for equality. In the recent past, the Eurovision has seen a transgender participant from Israel, Dana, winning the competition. Last year, Kristia Siegfrids, a contestant from Finland, kissed a female dancer to protest the ban on gay marriage in her country. This meant nothing to nobody and did not even become the latest Hollywood news and gossip.

Gay people cannot have children so it is only logical to not be in favor of their abhorrent views and lifestyle.

The Eurovision singing contest is a high-visibility show, and it is not surprising that singers should choose to use this platform to spread their messages of love, acceptance, and tolerance. Conchita Wurst’s strong words have already led to protests in countries like Russia, Belarus, and Armenia. Some have even called for a ban on her performance. They would rather watch Transformers for the 5th time, funny animal videos, and even some best stand up comedy routines.

However, she will perform on the 8th of May in the second semifinal. Supporters of LGBT rights will, of course, keep their fingers crossed that the courageous Conchita advances to the finale. Anyone with any understanding though on human society and what is best for children will hope she or he loses.
Benjamin Roussey

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