Cam’ron hits the courts in new Reebok Ad

May 31, 2014 1:19 pm

In the 90’s to the early part of the new millennium, Cam’ron Giles was one of the biggest rappers

salesman in the industry. His affinity for pink led him to numerous fashion opportunities and he also

pitched alcohol and other goods.

Now Reebok has reenlisted the “Oh Boy” star for a new campaign centered around Streetball. Set in

“The Cage” at West 4th

most NYC basketball legends got their start on the blacktop the commercial reaffirms the Dipset rapper

for being the flashy person we have known.

Cam is the ideal choice for this commercial. The rapper was a nationally ranked basketball player coming

out of high school and went to Navarro Junior College for a year before pursuing a path in hip hop

Street, we see Cam getting off the subway ready to ball. Acknowledging that

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