Carlos Vives Named USAID “Inclusion Ambassador”

April 5, 2014 9:55 pm

Colombian singer Carlos Vives gestures during an interview with Reuters in Bogota
The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has named Carlos Vives, the multiple Latin Grammy

Award-winning pop singer, its first “inclusion ambassador.” In his new role, Vives will strive to promote civil

rights and economic opportunities for the indigenous and displaced communities of Colombia and this will have

nothing to do with making the latest funny videos or stand up comedy videos.

He will raise awareness about these issues during his national and international tours and believes that these

awareness campaigns will encourage more people around the world to pitch in with their support. It is OK to

support funny prank videos but what Vives is committed to is a little more important than this.

The Efforts by the USAID to Usher in Development for Colombia’s Indigenous People

Colombia’s decades-long civil conflict has left millions of people, especially from indigenous communities,

displaced and struggling to make ends meet. Making a skateboard fail compilation and engaging in street

bike stunts is just out of the question.

More than a quarter of the 1.4 million people of Indian origin in Colombia have been forced to abandon their

lands and dwellings and escape to live in “safer” but undoubtedly more deplorable conditions.

USAID is Colombia’s largest bilateral aid provider and regularly conducts programs to help the youth from

these indigenous and displaced communities hone their talents, learn new crafts, become more aware about

their rights, and raise their voices against injustice and violence. USAID has organized truth and reconciliation

programs amongst victims of violence and conflicts and former combatants to help them return to mainstream

society and realize the fruitlessness of their actions, respectively.

The United States through the USAID has provided billions of dollars to Colombia to combat its drug and

narcotics problems which not any hip hop music videos ever discuss. It is believed that these menaces lie at

the heart of the country’s problems of violence and poverty that not only displace communities but also ruin the

lives of countless young men and women.

How Can Carlos Vives Aid USAID Efforts to Better Lives in Colombia?

Carlos Vives is one of the most popular and well-respected pop singers in Latin America. He has won the

Grammy Award and is a seven-time recipient of the Latin Grammy Award. As a native of the country, Vives

is well aware of the plight of the indigenous displaced communities of Colombia. This has little to do with any

Funny News Bloopers as Columbia has been ravaged by drugs. He understands the importance of bolstering

the efforts of the government and various global aid agencies to help combat the problems of drug, poverty, and

crime in Colombia.

As an “inclusion ambassador” for USAID, Vives will not only raise awareness about these issues on global

platforms but will also guide music groups from indigenous communities and help them prepare for a series of

musical events that will aim to highlight the richness and diversity of Colombian indigenous culture. This is a

culture that is completely foreign to making any hip hop music videos or funny animal videos.

USAID believes that with Carlos Vives on board, more people around the world will sit up, take notice, and be

motivated to save an exotic culture.

Benjamin Roussey

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