Charlize Theron Against the Gluten-Free Trend

June 9, 2014 12:57 pm

Brainwashing is vast. We should always think logically and read everything, before listening to someone and following a certain lifestyle. A perfect role model for that is the beautiful South African and American actress, Charlize Theron.

The beautiful celebrity, Charlize, age 38 , talks about gluten-free diet on Chelsea Lately. She calls the whole concept of gluten-free a ‘bul**t’. She support all of the recent studies that the claims are false and we live and follow false nourishment rules, effecting negatively our health. Receiving a gluten-free birthday cupcakes was not a pleasant experience at all for her. ‘If you want to give a present, at least make it pleasant’ Charlieze says. ‘There’s no use; it tastes like cardboard’.

We always got worried from the ‘caution’ appearing on our mind for products in grocery stores. So is really a gluten-free diet healthier that ones containing gluten? False. If you haven’t any medical reason to avoid it, then you shouldn’t.

Watch the video and laugh with Charlize, while discussing serious diet delusions.

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