Chris Brown may serve a month in jail

March 17, 2014 10:59 pm

Chris Brown isn’t having the best of weeks. First his long time love interest , Rihanna is rumored to be

linked with long time rival, Drake, now his freedom could be in jeopardy due to parole violations at an

anger management facility which he was required to be until April.

Sources concur that multiple violations have taken place at the Malibu estate, yet the only one that has

been confirmed is that he violated a unique two feet rule that facility has for males to stay away from its

female employees. Brown violated it by touching elbows and hands with the woman in question.

Brown’s other violations include once refusing to be drug tested and making a mockery out of a rehab

group session with lewd comments.

The rumor mill has been playing up an alleged three way tryst between employees and Brown as

the reason for his being booted from the rehab, but most of the talk has been unsubstantiated by

documental evidence.

Brown is currently being held without bail in Los Angeles.

Kyle Bostic

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