Chris Brown’s Assault Trial Delayed

April 28, 2014 12:12 pm

Singer Chris Brown arrives at the 55th annual Grammy Awards in L
It seems that pop singers have a penchant or an uncanny knack for courting trouble. When they are not

penning lyrics, crooning, setting the stage on fire, or circling the world for their tours, they prefer to indulge in

something that lands them on the wrong side of law where they will not be able to watch free music videos


Chris Brown was probably feeling bored with all things musical. So he thought he would have some fun with

the law, and now it looks like the Grammy winner will be out of musical action for a couple of months. Even

if he wanted to make a skateboard fail compilation or some more hip hop music videos, that is not going to


The Assault Charges Against Chris Brown

Pop star Chris Brown along with his bodyguard Christopher Hollosy have been charged with hitting a man

outside a hotel in Washington D.C. in October last year. Brown’s case was about go to trial with Hollosy

testifying that it was he, and not the singer, who had hit the man. But Brown and his team of lawyers suffered a

setback when the judges postponed the case by declining immunity to Hollosy.

Hollosy must not be messing around. He may watch some funny animal videos and funny prank videos once

in a while but it seems the prosecution believes him. Perhaps he did something to deserve to be hit though? Or

perhaps not!

Christopher Hollosy had gone into trial separately for this case and was convicted for assault. He plans to

appeal. He does want to be a part of any more celebrity news gossip videos.

His lawyers have, however, announced that he will not testify in Brown’s case unless he is granted immunity.

On the other hand, prosecutors have informed the judge in Brown’s case that they have not granted immunity

to Hollosy because he did not meet them after being convicted to share details about his testimony. The

prosecutors stressed that they felt Hollosy’s testimony that he hit the man, and not Chris Brown, will also be a

lie. This will not the part of any best stand up comedy when everything is all said and done.

Till the time the trial takes place, Chris Brown will remain in custody. So it looks like the singer will not be

making music (or courting other controversies) for about six months.

Chris Brown on the Wrong Side of Law Before

Singer Chris Brown is not new to courts and trials. Brown had been convicted of attacking pop singer Rihanna,

his former girlfriend, in 2009. In fact, he was on probation when he got involved in the assault case in

Washington. Well, with the way she acts, it is not hard to believe she upset someone. You do not have to be too

adept at upload latest videos online to understand this.

Chris Brown, it is evident, has a violent temper that gets him into trouble more often than not. He should spend

more time watching the latest music videos online rather than creating drama for himself.

So it is not surprising that he had checked himself into an anger management center in California after the

Washington accident. Now that could be watch funny videos online for sure. Some people also do not find it

surprising that the singer got kicked out of the rehab facility for breaching their rules. It seems that for Chris

Brown, laws exist to be broken! Not that much different than Obamacare, the IRS, or the BLM in Texas and


Benjamin Roussey

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