Czech Pop Singer Iveta Bartošová Quit her Life

April 30, 2014 3:49 pm

Czech pop singer Iveta Bartošová has died. Apparently she has ended her own life by leaping in front of a

running train. You will not see this on any best stand up comedy or stand up comedy videos. Anyone who

makes funny prank videos off of this will be ostracized from society.

Iveta is obviously selfish and pathetic.

The incident has occurred in Uhříněve, a district that lies just outside Prague. This news was conveyed to the

media by the pop singer’s husband Josef Rychtář. Although forces from the emergency service of the city of

Prague had arrived at the accident site, it was too late to do anything because Bartošová had suffered mortal

injuries. This will never be seen on any watch funny videos online.

Iveta Bartošová and Her Musical Career

Iveta Bartošová was a popular music artist in her country. Both musical fans and industry critics admired her

crooning talents, and she was awarded the best Czech female pop singer in the Golden Nightingale poll thrice.

She had rendered many memorable musical performances throughout her musical career. Some of her most

popular musical albums include Ve jménu lásky and Bílý kámen. There were many celebrity news gossip

videos about all of this.

During her career, she had also collaborated with noted musicians like František Janeček and Ladislav Štaidl.

Incidentally, Štaidl was her romantic partner for many years, and the musician-duo has a son together. You will

not see them on any skateboard fail compilations.

However, the popularity of Iveta Bartošová started to wane from the beginning of the 2000s as she got

embroiled in scandals. In fact, throughout her life, the singer has attracted as much attention for her tumultuous

affairs and substance abuse problems as she has for her music. Some of her antics could possibly be seen on

funny news bloopers but her immoral lifestyle got the best of her. She did not attend church enough.

Iveta Bartošová and Her Personal Life

The personal life of Iveta Bartošová is one long sad saga of failed relationships and alcoholism. She certainly

did not want to perform an street bike stunts when she was drinking.

She was married to Jiří Pomeje, an actor and film producer, from 2008 to 2009. She then married Josef

Rychtář in 2013. She has been admitted to hospitals and rehab centers a number of times to combat her drinking

problems. Many critics and her fans believe that addiction had caused her to lose focus, and as a result, her

musical career floundered. What do you expect? There is more to life than watch free music videos.

Although Iveta Bartošová tried to revive her career a couple of times during the 2000s, she never succeeded.

This and also her string of failed relationships probably led her to become addicted to anti-depressants. She has

no one to believe but herself and the fact she was no longer any part of the latest Hollywood news and gossip.

In the last years of her life, Iveta Bartošová was more in the news for her scandals and stints at the rehab center

than her music. She must have been trying to build her “street cred” or become the female European Dennis


Many critics say that the singer deliberately chose to parade her personal life in front of the media to remain in

the public’s minds. There are people that pathetic. She should have been trying to make a quality hip hop music

videos or anything of that sort and get her life back on track.

Some others are kinder and believe that Iveta Bartošová was the victim of malicious people in her circle who

tried to gain from her celebrity status. Unfortunately, the truth will never be known.

Benjamin Roussey

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