Deb Antney uses Love and Hip Hop to speak out on Cyberbullying

June 11, 2014 1:18 pm

We all know that the Love and Hip Hop series on VH1 is usually a showcase of the lowest form of

entertainment. From female catfighting to home pregnancy test conducted by the father of the baby,

we have grown to expect the worst from the hugely popular franchise.

This Monday’s episode didn’t disappoint featuring a lot of rancorous backbiting. Amidst the Drama, the

show had a serious moment that told us our words are powerful.

Deb Antney’s youngest son, Coades “Kayo Redd” Scott committed suicide after what she believes was

countless hours online defending his family. Scott, who was losing his own vision, died in December.

Antney went on the radio to talk about her son’s death and her new No R.I.P. initiative.

The acronym which stands for no reckless internet posting, aims to bring attention to media outlets the

harm that trolling and others do to individuals when not safeguarded about the comment content. Her

mission statement reads, “When you gossip and spread rumors and recklessly post about people’s lives,

you are speaking death – killing their spirits, killing their reputations, killing their relationships, killing

their hope and so much more. Stop speaking death. No R.I.P.”

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