A Drunken Lee Ryan Urinates on the Floor of Acton Police Station and is Punished

May 7, 2014 12:38 pm

Lee Ryan, singer of the boy band Blue and a Celebrity Big Brother participant is in the news for reasons that he will be too ashamed to admit to later on. Needless to say, Ryan has made the headlines for non-musical and thoroughly despicable reasons. The singer was arrested for drunken driving and urinated on the floor of the police station in Acton. His fans will not be very pleased with his actions.
Well, some of those losers will be. He will not be making any top hip hop music videos or want anyone to watch free music videos in regards to this display at all. He could want to be a part of funny animal videos
though since that is how he appears to act like.

Lee Ryan’s case was heard at the Magistrate’s Court, and the singer was fined heavily and has been banned from driving any kind of vehicle for two years. He probably does not think this is going to be a part of latest funny videos any time soon but it may be much to his dismay!

What Happened with Lee Ryan
The drunken driving incident involving Lee Ryan took place in Ealing. The One Love singer was out in the town celebrating band member Duncan James’ birthday. He had one drink too many and took to the wheels. The police officers on duty spotted his Audi A3 swerving and lurching erratically on Uxbridge Road early in the morning. They stopped the car, and according to their report presented to the Magistrate, it was evident that Lee Ryan was drunk even before he got out of the car.
His behavior is one for the best stand up comedy for sure. Luckily he did not hurt anyone. Only himself.

Lee Ryan’s breath smelled strongly of alcohol, and he had a glazed look in his eyes. When the police officers asked him if he had consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheels, he admitted to having “a few.” The singer was then asked to come out of the car. He was unsteady on his feet and was speaking incoherently. If he did not want to be a part of celebrity news gossip videos well he is certainly now in the mix of gossip.

Lee Ryan’s Stubborn and Abusive Behavior at the Acton Police Station
After being found driving in a drunken state in Ealing, Blue singer Lee Ryan was brought to the Acton police station. Here the singer behaved in a manner that will surely shame and enrage his fans. The singer not only refused to take the customary breath test but also hurled abuses at the officers present there.
He also became physically aggressive when he was being transferred to the High Street police station where he was to be confined in a cell. This is where losers like him go who do not know how to act. He could have been out making some music with street bike stunts going all around him but he chose to act like a fool.

He then urinated on the floor and became violently sick. Now to people who like to laugh at losers this could be when many people start to watch funny videos online.

Lee Ryan’s case was heard by the Ealing Magistrate’s Court. During the hearing, Ryan’s band mates, Anthony Costa, Duncan James, and Simon Webbe were present to show their solidarity and support. But the Judge was not swayed, and he pronounced punishment that Lee Ryan deserved for behaving in the deplorable manner he did. This was not a moment for funny news bloopers because a lesson had to be taught.

Benjamin Roussey

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