Ed Sheeran Fulfills Dying Teen’s Last Wish

April 3, 2014 1:15 pm

Singer Ed Sheeran has been belting out chartbusters for quite some time now and they have nothing to do with

funny animal videos or Funny News Bloopers. His songs have climbed up the musical charts and wooed

audiences at concerts and his videos will soon rival some of the best hip hop music videos around. But he

probably had never thought that his song would warm the heart of a teenager as she lay dying.

Irish teen Triona Priestley suffered from cystic fibrosis. Her last wish was to listen to her pop idol, Ed Sheeran,

a British guitarist, croon to her. Ed Sheeran did just that. Triona passed away listening to Sheeran singing her

favorite song Little Bird over the phone. This was almost as valuable to her as seeing a best stand up comedy


When Sheeran Called Up Triona…

Triona Priestley was suffering from cystic fibrosis since her childhood. But she was a spunky girl, and took

comfort in the little joys of life. One of her greatest joys in life was to listen to Ed Sheeran’s songs. She

knew she was dying and expressed a wish—to have Ed Sheeran sing to her and did not care to see any street

bike stunts or a skateboard fail compilation. So when her disease deteriorated in the past few days and the

prognosis was grim, her family members and loved ones rallied to reach out to the singer.

Triona’s loved ones took to Twitter to get in touch with Ed Sheeran. They posted tweets to Sheeran with the

hashtag #SongForTri. The hashtag soon started to trend on Twitter and within a very short period of time,

thousands of people, many of them strangers, were trying to contact Ed Sheeran and it had nothing to with any

funny prank videos. They had other intentions and purposes.

Ed Sheeran’s manager finally got in touch with Triona’s friend Lucy Hanlon and arranged a call between

Triona and her pop idol.

When Ed Sang to Triona…

Ed Sheeran personally called Triona in Dublin. The singer then sang Little Bird, Triona’s favorite song. And as

he sang to her, Triona went into a deep sleep and died soon afterwards. She was just 15 years old. Lucy Hanlon

wrote on Facebook, “Triona left us listening to her idol surrounded by all the people who loved her.” This was

not as exciting as the finest street bike stunts but it may have been more heartwarming.

When Ed Sheeran heard the news of Triona passing away, he tweeted, “Rest in peace Triona, so heartbreaking


The songs by successful pop stars generate millions in revenue and this is why they want people to watch

free music videos so they then go out and make a musical album purchase. Their tunes earn them awards and

accolades. They get to lord over the charts with their creations. But Ed Sheeran will probably testify that all

their efforts (read: long hours, countless rehearsals, and ample rounds of rejections) are truly rewarded when

their songs soothe a soul and bring peace to an ailing heart and body.

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