Funkmaster Flex delivers epic rant against Dame Dash

June 7, 2014 12:10 pm

Funkmaster Flex has been known to use his platform to besmirch any and all competition to his reign of

NYC’s number 1 radio personality. From the Breakfast Club to DJ Clue, all have felt the wrath of Flex’s

legendary tirades. Thursday night, the victim of his shenanigans was none other than ex-Rocafella

founder Dame Dash.

After Flex let out initial pleasantries in their relationship such as the respect he has for his business

acumen and how he introduced Flex to getting his own ventures off the ground, he let off shots about

the start of Rocafella records and how it took so called “Culture Vultures” to get it running.

“[Jay Z’s]‘Ain’t No’ with Foxy Brown woulda died out here if Def Jam didn’t pick it up,” he said. “There

was a movie soundtrack, Nutty Professor, that picked up that single. I remember it clearly. Remember

when the culture vulture cut you that check?! I’m tellin’ you what this is ’cause I been in the game and a

lot of people can’t comment on this and that’s what this cornball is banking on. If that didn’t get picked

up by Def Jam you woulda been Boo Boo Records, OK?”

Flex also talked to his audience about Dash’s failings in terms of as a record head. He alluded to Dash

owing Beanie Sigel $11 million over the rights to State Property and his latest artist Curren$y not making

any money off singles.

Flex finished with the legendary footage of Dash screaming in a meeting and said that was because Jay-z

had already canned the head honcho.

Dash went on Combat Jack show yesterday to talk about Flex in an interview dropping at 3pm Friday.

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