Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder knocks out internet troll

May 17, 2014 11:52 am

WBC Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder knocked out a known internet, Charlie Zelenoff at a

California gym after both men agreed to a match. Wilder claimed that Zelenoff had been making racial

laced tirades against his daughter, Naieya, who suffers from spina bifida.

As the fight began, it was clear that this was a mismatch. Wilder, who stands 6’7” tall, towered over his

alleged racist sparring partner as the match began in an open area instead of the ring. Zelenoff, threw

a wild right hand before finally realizing he was overmatched and made a beeline to get away from the


Wilder soon caught the cowering alleged bigot and proceeded to knock him on the floor with a standing

uppercut. Wilder soon yelled to the pounded pugilist to get up which Zelenoff wanted no part of.

Zelenoff did get up to fight only to get knocked down again.

Wilder is heard saying “Don’t you ever call me the N-word again,” as staff of the boxing gym are seen

trying to calm him down. Zelenoff, who even through the thorough beat down was heard still mouthing

off to the champ before high tailing it out of the gym.

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