Heroine – TLMC (Twerkin’ Like Miley Cyrus)

March 5, 2014 11:36 am

In an influenced world, intoxicated by the masculine ego, comes along three assertive, talented females that go by the name of Heroine.
These young women are merged as one along with their own individual flares of charisma. All from the cities of Queens, Chicago, and Los Angeles, the trio steps up to the pedestal being antagonized by their male counterparts. These no-nonsense chicks like to pop bottles, pop tags, get turnt up. At the same time, being about their business and being ahead of the game is their public persona. They pretty much go hard just like these dudes – only twenty-million times better. From the “Beyonce’s” too the “Rihannas”, these rowdy rebels are the next big thing ready to tear the whole game up.

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