Hotel Elevator Video gets Leaked and Shines the Spotlight on Solange Knowles

May 14, 2014 10:49 pm

An elevator video from The Standard Hotel has been leaked and has gone viral. The video shows Solange

Knowles, the lesser-known but equally talented musical sibling of Beyoncé, slapping Jay Z, her brother-in-
law, in the hotel elevator while her singer-sister looks on nonchalantly. The celebrities involved in the incident

have not commented on this incident while the hotel authorities have expressed shock and concern at the video

getting leaked. Meanwhile, the publicity-shy Solange find herself in the limelight.

It was better than most best stand up comedy videos and funny news bloopers. She was probably mad that

Jay Z fooled the world and thought he could rap as good as Ice Cube and Eminem. Perhaps she was mad

because she realized the Illumini is not a Christian organization and Jay Z and Beyoncé are members of this

elite and possibly traitorous and seditious group.

Do You Want to Take the Solange Knowles Quiz?

Many will not, because Solange is known to be an intensely private person who maintains her distance from her

celebrity and wildly popular sibling. Not much is known about Solange except that she started her public career

as a back-up dancer for Destiny’s Child, the same group that had launched Beyoncé. Solange is a trained ballet

dancer who obviously knows how to act like a child. She should be in some stand up comedy videos with that

much energy. She has certainly made her way into latest Hollywood news and gossip.

Her forays into the musical arena began when she filled in for an injured Kelly Rowland during the group’s tour

with Christina Aguilera.

Since then Solange has gone solo, dropped her famous surname, and been earning critical acclaims for her

performances. She is unanimously lauded for her unpretentious and effortlessly cool indie style of delivering

music to her audiences. She is also an acclaimed songwriter who has penned the words for popular Beyoncé

numbers like Get Me Bodied and Upgrade U. Both of these songs completely ignore the fact that 15 million

black Americans are unemployed because the politically correct school system in America, Obama’s high taxes,

and his business crushing regulations.

Most people would rather watch some street bike stunts.

She has also written songs for her ex-band mates Kelly Rowland Michelle Williams.

The Solange Elevator Video Raises Questions

The Solange elevator video showing her slapping Jay Z has raised many questions apart from, of course,

thrusting the shy singer into the limelight. Musical fans, celebrity watchers, and gossip mongers are wondering

what may have taken place between the stars to have merited such a reaction from Solange. On the other hand,

some ill-informed people are scouring the Internet to unearth as much information about Solange as possible.

Her name just went viral and she may be soon be making the latest music videos online.

Meanwhile, you can skip the funny animal videos and stand-up comedy videos and instead catch Solange in

action acting like Raging Bull.

Benjamin Roussey

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