Icona Pop About to Storm the Web with their Docu-Videos

May 18, 2014 10:05 am

1375915896-music1-1It is not often that Internet prowlers turn their attention from funny animal videos, stand-up comedy videos, and hip hop music videos and fix it on docu-videos that are about to be released. A new series of documentaries of short five to eight minutes duration in video format, titled I Am Icon, by Swedish girl band Icona Pop is waiting in the wings to take over the Internet by storm. An exclusive preview of the docu-video series was also recently held for the media.

About Icona Pop

The Swedish girl band consists of Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, both with refreshingly different takes on how pop music should be produced and dished out to the audience. The ladies from Icona Pop wish to break all stereotypical molds and present their music in a “non-traditional” format where their audience not only gets to enjoy the music but also has a glimpse of the thought processes that ran through the musicians’ heads when they were creating the video and their takes on their brand of music along with snippets like fashion tips from these Swedish music makers who have made a name for themselves as style divas.

But who has time to watch or listen to this? After the song, people may want to watch best stand up comedy or some street bike stunts. Only diehard fans want to hear someone speak on their thought process.

About I Am Icon

Icona Pop has collaborated with Refinery29 on their I Am Icon production. According to the Swedish ladies and the fashion site Refinery29, the video series will follow Hjelt and Jawo as they embark on tours with other celebrity pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. The short video documentaries in eight parts will feature episodes from these tours. Well, you could either watch this or a skateboard fail compilation, whatever floats your boat.

The tour with Miley Cyrus has just ended. The Icona Pop ladies are about to embark on their tour of the U.K. with Katy Perry soon. They will all be in celebrity news gossip videos and be in some latest Hollywood news and gossip soon as well. But who cares with Miley has just ended her tour? There can only be one tour at a time?

And as you have guessed right, the I Am Icon video-documentaries aim to reach out specifically to the female populace who are keen to learn more about their favorite female pop stars.

Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo (who are not high in the attractive department at all) aim to present these pop stars that they themselves admire in a different light. You will be able to see them on watch free music videos and upload latest videos online in no time at all.

But if they really wanted to make waves, they would make songs about how their country cannot even defend itself without America’s help. They would also make a song about why their unemployment rate is so high and if high taxes and tough regulations imposed by their country is a reason for this. They should also make a song about how woman cannot carry a gun in their country to protect themselves. If they did this, no one would be watching any street bike stunts but they would be upload latest videos online for sure.

According to them, the ingenuity of stars like Miley and Katy merit a non-traditional documentary narrative format. The I Am Icon videos will feature creative snippets from the tour backstage and will show the pop stars as they are reflected in the eyes of upcoming pop singers like Hjelt and Jawo. The Icona Pop ladies strive to revolutionize the way tour documentaries are done and musical fans cannot wait for the episodes to be released. Well, move over hip hop music videos, you have some competition now.

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