Infinite’s Last Romeo Evokes Nostalgia

May 27, 2014 1:56 pm

The K-pop scene is replete with boy and girl bands comprising singers, songwriters, and lyricists who are never

short of ideas to keep the audience listening and craving for more. This is not about funny prank videos or

making people laugh with even more latest funny videos, this about musical prowess.

If the K-pop bands do not surprise you with their quirky video settings, then you are sure to be intrigued by their

choice of attire. K-pop band Infinite, however, has chosen to stir your imagination and emotion by sending you

hurtling down the nostalgia lane with their single Last Romeo.

The Last Romeo video has notched up millions of views since it was released and this does not include any

outstanding street bike stunts but it does compel more people to watch the latest music videos online

And upload latest videos online.

Even die-hard fans of funny animal videos and those who regularly prowl the Internet in search of the best

stand-up comedy videos have gladly forsaken their favorite pastimes and are now accompanying Infinite as the

boy band takes their fans down the memory lane.

About the Musical Influences in Last Romeo

Last Romeo by Infinite has influences from the ’80s musical scene where tinny drums, fast-paced, and

melodious synths, and screeching electric guitar chords ruled roost. The boys from Infinite add to this musical

medley their own swift rapping style as they belt out the number with power and gusto. The words of Last

Romeo speak of a lover’s plea to his beloved to trust him. This is about trust, not about the best stand up


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The video also looks alluring where the Infinite boys with their twinkle toes set the stage on fire with their

killer dance moves. The members display enviable dance skills as they move in perfect sync and harmony.

It also helps the look of the video that the boys don a number of different attires throughout the duration,

changing from regal-looking white suits to edgy black leather suits in quick succession. This may spur the latest

Hollywood news and gossip and motivate even more people to celebrity news gossip videos but that is fine by


They may perform poorly in the street bike stunts arena and they may never make a stellar skateboard fail

compilation but these groups do not matter, as long as more people are watch free music videos that is fine by


Talent on Loan from God

The dance moves, the striking attires, the catchy tunes, and the emotion-laced words of the Last Romeo do

not fail to move pop music lovers all over the world. This Infinite number certainly has everything needed to

catapult it up the popularity charts and spur more people to upload latest videos online.

Benjamin Roussey

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