James Franco tries to meet up with teen on Instagram

April 3, 2014 7:32 pm

Celebrity gossip, Pop Culture

James Franco is a renowned actor and accomplished scholar but he may have to add creep to his

resume after an interaction with a 17 year-old girl over a social media platform was revealed.

A teen tourist named Lucy Clode, happened to meet Franco outside his Broadway production “Of Mice

and Men”, where she said to the movie star in an Instagram video, “You Gotta Tag Me.”

The two then began flirting on a social app called Imgur, where you can see screen shots of the dalliance

till they were removed. You can still see evidence of the conversation on the Gawker website.

The young Miss Clode did not believe it was Franco she was talking to and asked multiple times for

photographic evidence of the “Oz the Great and Powerful” Star.

The perpetrator texting Miss Clode back obliged even sending her a picture with her name written on it

with Franco in the picture.

The guy posing as Franco or Franco wrote ghastly “Don’t Tell” in a message which apparently wasn’t

followed since Clode leaked the screen shots.

Franco took to Twitter apparently not bothered by the allegations stating “I’M NOT! I HOPE PARENTS


Franco’s representatives also have not returned comments

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