Juan Gabriel Goes One Up On Potential Blackmailers

March 28, 2014 4:52 pm

Juan Gabriel is not only a cultural icon in Mexico but also across most of Latin America. He is one of the most

prolific Spanish songwriters and continues to churn out heartfelt and tuneful numbers at an age when most

retirees are content to take it easy. His live concerts draw record crowds of frenzied fans and tickets get sold out

days in advance.

But even with such a stature, Juan Gabriel feels insecure about his sexual orientation. In fact, he was so

concerned about blackmailers trying to extort money from him by exposing videos of his intimate moments

with his partner that the singer released the footage himself. He even dared the blackmailers with this tweet to

his fans: “Before you saw it somewhere else, I will publish it.”

Speculations About and Reaction to Juan Gabriel’s Sexual Orientation

The Latin American media and the singer’s fans have always been curious to know about Juan Gabriel’s sexual

preferences. The singer’s mild manners and effeminate charms have sparked off rumors about him being gay.

But Gabriel had never come out in the open—he had neither confirmed nor refuted the rumors. In fact, he has

even told a reporter that he does not feel obliged to tell things to people that do not concern them.

But this time around, it seems that Juan Gabriel has felt compelled to put to rest the speculations about his

sexual orientation. The video he has released shows him in bed and flirting with a man whose face remains

hidden from view. Ultimately Gabriel goes off to sleep.

Possible Repercussion to Juan Gabriel’s Video

Juan Gabriel may have gone one up on the potential blackmailers, but the iconic singer still does not know how

his fans will react to his video, which has heralded to the world that he has come out of the closet. Many of his

fans share a love-hate relationship with him. On the one hand, they love his songs and flock to his concerts from

all parts of the continent just to get a glimpse of him. On the other hand, in a macho Latin America, Gabriel’s

effeminate ways make many hurl gay abuses at him.

Juan Gabriel had once told a reporter who had been poking and probing into his sexual preferences that he was

an artist “who has given a lot with my songs.” Hopefully, his legions of fans and admirers will not judge their

icon on the basis of his personal preferences.

Benjamin Roussey

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