Justin Bieber Detained at LA Airport

April 28, 2014 12:19 pm


These days, it seems that pop star Justin Bieber is more in the news for non-musical reasons than for his songs. He loves to be part of celebrity news gossip videos and give a lot more fodder for stand up comedy videos.
The teen pop star is not new to controversy. If the media is not agog about his relationship status with Selena Gomez, then the tabloids are awash with news about his legal troubles.
If the public is not dismayed by his antics, then industry watchers are troubled by the teen star’s shows of immodest and disrespectful behavior towards other people. Bieber has a number of cases pending for trial. Meanwhile, it seems that he has landed himself squarely in the midst of another trouble. According to sources, Justin Bieber was detained at the Los Angeles International Airport after he returned from an Asian trip. Here we go again with more funny prank videos.

Why was Justin Bieber Detained at the LA Airport?
According to the authorities, Justin Bieber was detained at the Los Angeles International Airport for an additional round of questioning, the official jargon being “secondary screening.” But the authorities are tight-lipped about why the pop star was detained or what was he questioned about. They do not want to fuel the latest Hollywood news and gossip and certainly do not care about the latest round of street bike stunts for that matter either.

Most people know the TSA is a waste of money though. With technology, half the TSA members could probably be laid off saving America billions of dollars every year. Even Bieber adds more to the economy of America than any TSA official and perhaps much of that entire organization. The TSA should be a part of every funny prank videos made.

The pop star’s spokespersons too declined to comment on the issue. Nor did they clarify if the secondary screening was anyhow related to the recent legal troubles that Bieber is facing. He was, however, allowed to leave the airport after some time and go on his way to never making awesme hip hop music videos like Ice Cube and Eminem.

Justin Bieber Courts Trouble Even During Asia Trip
For many people, the news of Justin Bieber being detained for questioning at the Los Angeles International Airport does not come as a surprise. After all, the singer is facing charges for various illegal acts in Miami and Los Angeles County. These may not be on any latest funny videos any time soon. He is trying to build his street cred. Whatever!

Why does he not make a song denouncing America’s debt, Obamacare killing jobs and people’s insurance plans, and Putin taking Crimea and punking Obama? That would certainly create some latest Hollywood news and gossip.

In fact, Justin Bieber has been courting controversies throughout his Asian trip. During his stay in Tokyo, Bieber attracted anger and anguish from many quarters after he visited a shrine that honored people who died in Japan’s war along with convicted criminals. This guy is not making any stand up comedy videos anywhere he goes.

This shrine had caused quite a stir amongst the people of Japan when it had come up. So it is only natural that Justin Bieber did not endear himself to many of his Japanese fans when he decided to visit this controversial venue. This is a long way from making funny animal videos.

Bieber had probably thought that he had left troubles behind in Japan when he boarded the plane back to the United States. But federal authorities at the Los Angeles International Airport had other ideas. They were probably upset that they made a fool out of themselves in Nevada. Stop trying to steal peoples’ land! They killed this man’s livestock! Dam, Bieber never did anything so heinous. The federal government is out of control and it does not matter how many free music videos you watch will ever change that.
So was Bieber detained to be questioned about his pending legal cases, or has he managed to cook up some more trouble for himself?
Benjamin Roussey

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