Justin Bieber tattoos released by Miami Beach PD

March 7, 2014 9:30 pm

Still young, but very experienced with police authorities Justin Bieber had his tattoos exposed by Miami Beach police department. As we all know, our famous superstar was taken to custody back in January this year for DUI, resisting arrest and having invalid driver license while operating his fancy vehicle.
A lot of have been there at least once. But since we are talking about one of the most famous celebrities, his case was exposed worldwide.

Now, coming back to his tattoos, there has to be mentioned that Justin has a lot of them. As you can see on these photos, more than half of his body is covered with all kinds of different pieces of art. Miami Beach Police has revealed Justin Bieber tattoos of Jesus, a long sleeve tattoo on his left arm and a short paragraph taken from the Bible on his back which explains us that despite of all Justin Bieber sins, he still believe in God, well… at least a little bit.
Being arrested and exposing his tattoos to Miami finest, has definitely brought Justin Beiber on the “Bad Ass” list of celebrities. We can be sure that his parents are not proud of him, however Justin most likely feels the opposite way. He has transformed from a cute little beaver to one nasty thug, which he wants all of us to see him that way.

Well, Justin, whatever you are doing to be a “Bad Ass” is working pretty well
Don’t forget to checkout these Justin Bieber tattoos and soon you will be able to see Justin Bieber video of passing a sobriety test and doing push ups.



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