Justin Bieber Upset with Selena Gomez for Flirting with Orlando Bloom

April 4, 2014 10:56 am

The teeth occasionally bite the tongue. The tongue hurts then. But they still live together inside one mouth. You

can always see this in latest funny videos. This age-old anecdote on forgiveness instantly springs to the mind

whenever you hear of another Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez (Oh no! Not again.) spat.

The Never Say Never singer and his Come & Get It singer-actress girlfriend are frequently at loggerheads,

and the favorite topic for discontentment amongst the young couple seems to be who’s flirting with whom. It

certainly is not who made the best funny animal videos or that Bieber was risking his life being engaged in

risky street bike stunts.

The singer couple is reported to be extremely insecure about their relationship. So it is not surprising that

occasions like being seen together with an ex and flirting with an older man get the couple into a sulking,

brooding, and fighting mode. Lot of standup comedy videos already are making fun of this couple.

The Latest Incident with Orlando Bloom

Justin Bieber is upset with Selena Gomez for flirting with Orlando Bloom. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor is

much older than 21-year-old Gomez. He has recently split with wife Miranda Kerr, and they have a three-year-
old son. Bloom is right now not in any relationship. So does Gomez want to be a mother already to a child that

is not her own or what? Or do the both of them want to do something equally as crazy as flirting with each other

and make some hip hop music videos together?

Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom recently took part in the We Day conference in California. Later on, Gomez

posed with Bloom and Seth Rogen for a photograph that she uploaded on Instagram. And all hell broke loose


Seth Rogen has nothing but disdain and hatred for the teen pop singing sensation. Rogen had once said this of

Bieber, “He seems like he’s obnoxious and ungrateful and insincere” on an episode of Watch What Happens

Live. So it is obvious that Bieber would be no fan of Rogen either. On the other hand, Bloom’s now-single

status can be perceived to have increased his appeal in the eyes of the opposite sex. And, Bieber is anyway a

wildly jealous person when it comes to who Selena Gomez speaks with. It is no wonder that he was furious with

Gomez for “flirting” with Orlando Bloom.

Selena Gomez’s Bouts of Jealousy

Bieber and Gomez are probably the most famous amongst America’s on-again off-again celebrity couples.

Previously Gomez has been accused of flying off the handle several times over Bieber’s casual flings. She

seems to be most upset when Bieber is with ex-flame Miley Cyrus. According to sources, Bieber hangs out with

Miley Cyrus deliberately to make Gomez feel insecure. That is about as stupid as Bieber making a skateboard

fail compilation out of nowhere!

Now it seems that Gomez has turned the tables on Bieber with her Instagram photograph.

It seems that when Bieber and Gomez are around, there is no dearth of drama! Sometimes it seems sensible to

discard this immature couple and watch some stand up comedy videos.

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