K-Pop Star 3 is Drawing to a Close Amidst a Frenzy

April 7, 2014 12:31 pm

SBS’s musical audition program K-Pop Star 3 is nearing its finale and anticipation is at an all-time high and

this has nothing to do with any fantastic skateboard fail compilation. The show has turned out to be a platform

for wannabe Korean pop singers and has shone the spotlight on some of the best unknown musical talents in

the country. Only two contestants will battle it out in the final round to earn the title of one of the best young

pop artists in Korea. This is not about the latest funny videos but will soon add to the list of watch free music


Right now, the battle is between Kwon Jin Ah, Bernard Park, and Sam Kim to make it to the final round.

The upcoming semi-finals is being touted as “the big match” that will see three of the most talented and

versatile singers in the history of the K-Pop Star pit their skills against one another. Watch free music videos

on the Internet to see these contestants playing to the audience.

Antenna Music Adds to the Frenzy Around the K-Pop Star Semi-Finals

Season 3 of the K-Pop Star has never been short on the frenzy and novelty content right from its start. Now

Antenna Music is adding to the buzz of excitement and anticipation around the show and its contestants.

Antenna Music, a company owned by Yoo Hee Yeol, is training the top three singers of K-Pop Star, namely

Kwon Jin Ah, Bernard Park, and Sam Kim. They are doing well but not because of their street bike stunts but

because of their musical prowess.

Incidentally, much of the success of this musical show has been credited to Yoo Hee Yeol and it has nothing

to do with Funny News Bloopers. His musical abilities and refreshing wit have found favor amongst the

audiences, and it is not surprising that music fans are overjoyed to know that he is taking an interest to hone the

talents of the K-Pop Star contestants.

Peppertones, Lucid Fall, Park Se Byul, Jung Jae Hyung and some other singers from other musical groups have

collaborated to help the contestants with valuable tips on how to perform to a live audience and how to improve

their crooning skills. Perhaps one of them will move into hip hop and will pump out some serious hip hop

music videos?

The Antenna Music Week on K-Pop Star will give the three top contestants the chance to experience what it is

like to be a professional pop singer—a future they all aspire to after the show ends and they go out to face the

challenges of building up their own musical careers. You will never see them as the best stand up comedy

act because their talent is more of a pure musical one.

A Voice

Season 3 of K-Pop Star is more than a competitive show for wannabe Korean pop singers. The show gives

contestants the rare chance to hone their musical talents with guidance from industry stalwarts, bring their

talents to the notice of music producers and recording labels, and have a whale of a time doing these.

Benjamin Roussey

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