Katy Perry Goes Slime Green for Spring

April 10, 2014 9:59 pm

It is not always songs or lyrics that make pop stars famous. Some pop stars are in the news for their outrageous

fashion sense and not any Funny News Bloopers and certainly not for a skateboard fail compilation. Some,

sadly, grab the headlines for their substance abuse problems. Some others grab the eyeballs and remain in the

public gaze with their string of affairs.

Katy Perry, however, is often in the news for her hair colors. Like her peers Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, Katy

Perry too is fond of (radical) hair transformations. This time around, the Birthday singer has dyed her hair

“slime green” to usher in spring. Perry is gorgeous but also likes to be involved with celebrity news gossip


Katy Perry’s Green Look for Spring

Your favorite pastime may be watching funny prank videos on the Internet. But if you are right now searching

for the latest funny videos, give them the miss and hop over to Instagram to inspect Katy’s new hairdo.

According to the singer, she had wanted to dye her hair in this ghoulish shade of green for a long time. She told

E! News, “It’s spring time and I think it’s time to freshen up my look.” And Katy Perry’s idea of revamping her

look has always been to raise eyebrows. She did so by debuting her new hairdo on Instagram with these words,

“SLIME GREEN FOR SPRING.” She hopes many people engage in upload latest videos online on her behalf.

Katy Perry’s Hair Color Transformations Through the Years

It seems that Katy Perry has colored her hair in every shade on the spectrum. Her tresses have gone from

cotton-candy pink to purple and from blue and purple to a dazzling blue. Her fans have probably forgotten that

the singer-songwriter used to once sport a head full of lush and long black hair.

However, many people are reading more into Katy’s new hair color. Katy Perry has split from boyfriend John

Mayer early this year after an on-again off-again relationship that lasted about two years. It seems that she is

gotten over the heartache and is back to old colorful self. That is good news for her fans.

Celebrity watchers meanwhile reinforce their beliefs with their own ideas. According to them, “The Girl Code”

says that when a girl changes her hair color (read: goes in for a dramatic makeover), it means that she desires

to be perceived differently or wants to send out a message for the world at large. Think Miley Cyrus from her

Hannah Montana days and the twerking and tongue-flashing singer now. That was no stand up comedy videos

and not one parent was thinking about the latest funny videos when she saw that.

Attention Seekers

Incidentally, Twilight star Kristen Stewart (who played an excellent little boy in Panic Room), who had split

from long-time boyfriend Robert Pattinson, has also dyed her hair a vibrant shade of burnt orange. Uh oh,

someone is trying to break new ground in the latest Hollywood news and gossip. However, it is up to you to

connect the dots.

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