Is Kylie Minogue Planning an Acting Career?

April 28, 2014 12:21 pm

Kylie Minogue has her fans wondering about her next move, which does not mean her pulsating moves on the

stage and they know she does not do the best stand up comedy but she does make some serious hip hop music

videos or pop videos.

The Australian pop singer who is based in the United Kingdom had recently announced her decision to quit

BBC’s The Voice citing clashes with her upcoming tour dates. Now that did not surprise anybody. However,

BBC was reportedly mortified at having to letting go of the singing star who had almost single-handedly

catapulted the floundering fortunes of the talent show up the TRP charts. But now Kylie Minogue is going

around expressing her desire to star in a film and that too, in a substantial role.

Well, she is not off to do some more street bike stunts; making music is what she does!

Kylie Minogue’s Film Career

Not many people know that Kylie Minogue is not new to the silver screen. Although she has not tasted success

as an actress, it seems that she has not yet given up hope. For those who do not know, Kylie Minogue’s acting

ventures include minor roles in Moulin Rouge and a French film Holy Motors. You can probably see of this on

watch free music videos.

The singer had also played roles in The Delinquents and Street Fighter. None of these roles could kick start her

Hollywood career. Nor could she impress critics with her histrionic talents and by upload latest videos online.

Kylie herself admits that she is not “proud” of these roles, but also expresses faith that she will someday end up

on the big screen and dazzle there, as she does on stage.

In an interview to The Sun, the Aussie pop singer admitted that she had been bitten by the acting bug a long

time ago and that she gets “a thrill out of doing [acting].” She also said, “It [acting] takes me back to where I

started.” From her comments, it is evident that the 45-year-old pop star is getting serious about an acting career.

Well, she is not getting any younger to be a part of celebrity news gossip videos and for people to upload

latest videos online.

The Real Reason?

Her fans are now wondering if Kylie Minogue left The Voice to concentrate on her acting career. And if so,

does she have films lined up? Kylie Minogue has mesmerized audiences all over the world with her crooning

talents and electrifying moves (sometimes bordering on the controversial) on the stage and not by watch funny

videos online.


Tickets to her live concerts get lapped up in a jiffy while her music albums regularly top the charts. So it is

evident that the singer will want to achieve the same level of success as an actress of substance. Meanwhile,

music fans and movie buffs are breathlessly waiting to watch Kylie Minogue in her new avatar and hear the

latest rumblings of the latest Hollywood news and gossip related to this superstar.

Benjamin Roussey

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