Kylie Minogue Unveils New Video Where She is not the Star

May 29, 2014 3:20 pm

Australian pop diva Kylie Minogue has unveiled the music video for the single Crystallize from her latest

album Kiss Me Once. Pop music fans are surprised to note that the pop queen is not the star of her music.

Instead a teenage girl, representing Kylie in her younger days, takes center stage. This is not the latest funny

videos or some stand up comedy videos, this is the real deal and the direction Kylie has taken.

The video shows the young girl performing a series of dance moves in her room as she dreams of making it big

in the pop music world. The video occasionally cuts to show Kylie Minogue singing and shaking to her number

in a monochrome strapless gown. This is all over the latest music videos online and people the world over are

upload latest videos online.

About the Crystallize Music Video

The song Crystallize is a collaborative effort of Kylie Minogue and a cancer charity organization. After

releasing the song, Kylie had mobilized her fans on eBay to bid for one amongst the 4,408 notes in the song.

The money thus raised went on to fund the noble mission of One Note for Cancer. The final three minutes of the

music video shows the names of all the bidders. This is not a skateboard fail compilation or the latest street bike

stunts, this is serious and sincere.

Cool Video

The Crystallize video is not much innovative when it comes to the visuals. It shows a wannabe pop singer

dancing around her room crooning into her hairbrush. This is not about latest Hollywood news and gossip, this

is about creativity and making a point.

In fact, Kylie’s latest video has also been compared to fellow Aussies singer Sia’s blockbuster hit Chandelier.

The difference is that Kylie gives fleeting appearances in her video while Sia had remained her characteristic

reclusive self. Hey, perhaps she just wanted to sit around and watch some funny animal videos. However and

furthermore, Kylie’s video has drawn admiration from all quarters for the noble cause it espouses. Even people

who enjoy the best hip hop music videos are giving her credit for this monumental achievement.

Worth the Time

Kylie Minogue is a pop queen whose albums are sold by the millions and her music videos are watched

countless times on the Internet. She knows all about upload latest videos online and people even stop watch

funny videos online to check her out.

Crystallize will be no different. In fact, fans of funny animal videos and stand-up comedy videos have already

forsaken their preferences for a while and are instead watching Kylie’s latest music video – as just stated!

Benjamin Roussey

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