La femme aux deux visages (The woman with two faces)

March 10, 2014 11:19 am

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You may recognize the French born raven haired vixen from various eye-candy magazines and music videos. Rosée Devine AKA Sophie B is taking the urban world by storm. Known by most for her curvaceous au natural physique, Rosée Devine may quite possibly have a bigger asset than her ample derriere.

Miss Sophie B is surely and artist in her own right, born to a family of artists, she’s been crafting her work since childhood. Her love of culture and world philosophy led her to travel. And at 24 she is not only an accomplished vixen/artist, but has sold her works to many, Busta Rhymes and Neyo, to name a few.
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As for her art, it is by all means agreeable to the eye and sure to excite feelings of the senses. Her perspective/symbolism is full bodied and her fearless use of color is striking.

In a time of overtly sexualized icons, and covert misogyny. It is thought provoking to see women take negative objectification and flip it on its axis. It is however… moving to see women assume power without subjection.

Rosée Devine/Sophie B is by all means if even unintentional, challenging those around her to dispose of their preconceived notions… Yet, I still yearn for the day women can be viewed beyond exterior pleasantries and unbound to their stereotypes of the second sex.
By Datura Black
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