Lil B Sings about Katy Perry and Bags a Prom Date with the Singer

May 1, 2014 10:54 am

Pop star Lil B’s latest song goes gaga about Katy Perry. The song titled Katy Perry is an ode to the Roar and

Birthday singer, and she is clearly pleased as a punch at being the center of adulation. In fact, she is so flattered

that she has invited Lil B to be her prom date. Is this the best stand up comedy or about to be some funny

prank videos?

Perry is spectacular though. Her looks are mesmerizing. Too bad she does not make a song about Obama’s lies

in regard to Benghazi or how many lives are being destroyed because of Obamacare. That would really sell

some records! They could be game changing hip hop music videos.

From his song, it is evident that Lil B is besotted by Katy Perry. Hey, he wants people to upload latest videos

online that he made.

So it is not surprising that he has gladly accepted to be Katy’s prom date. For all you know, he was probably

dancing a little jig as he tweeted his acceptance. Perhaps he would make some street bike stunts just to impress


Katy Perry by Lil B for Katy Perry

The song Katy Perry by Lil B packs in haunting melodies in the Gothic style. The refrain “Call me Katy Perry”

recurs in chorus while Lil B occasionally refers to Katy Perry’s songs with heartfelt lines like “Shout out to all

the girls that kiss girls.” Lil B’s song is packed with references to Katy Perry; it is apt as an ode. This is part of

celebrity news gossip videos – this is real.

However, there has been mixed fan reaction to Lil B’s song. While some, like Katy Perry, have loved the song,

others have lambasted it for its lack of originality and lackluster tunes and lyrics. They would rather watch some

stand up comedy videos. They are not impressed at all with any of these hip hop music videos.

Lil B is probably not much perturbed by the lukewarm response to his song. After all, he has bagged a prom

date with his muse. Though it could turn out to be watch funny videos online.

Katy Perry’s Prom Invitation to Lil B

Katy Perry is clearly touched by Lil B’s musical tribute to her. She has called it a “lovely #rare lullaby” in her

tweet. In fact, the two stars have exchanged quite a few tweets since the release of the song Katy Perry. She

may be impressed but everyone else would rather watch funny animal videos instead.

After listening to Lil B’s song, Katy Perry invited the singer to a prom date with this tweet, “Be my prom

date @LILBTHEBASEDGOD.” The rapper was clearly ecstatic by this invitation, as is evident from his

reply, “@katyperry i feel like its highschool again katy and i missed my prom so it wud mean a lot…”. Perhaps

he should retake some high school English courses with talk like that. But it is obvious he would rather make a

hip hop music videos.

The Twitter exchange between Lil B and Katy Perry has not gone unnoticed by the industry watchers and fans

of both the musicians. It was touching, not a part of any stand up comedy videos.

They are now wondering if anything along romantic lines is brewing between Perry and Lil B. After all, Katy

Perry parted ways with her fiancé John Mayer earlier this year, and Lil B is currently not seeing anyone. Should

the new couple alert be sounded?

Benjamin Roussey

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