Lindsay Lohan Talks about her Miscarriage on her Show’s Season Finale

April 22, 2014 11:53 am

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On Sunday night, Lindsay Lohan revealed some shocking news on the 2-hour season finale of her OWN reality

TV show – that she had a miscarriage during the show’s filming. This is way beyond any watch funny videos

online and will never be on any funny prank videos.

Time to Rest

When the Mean Girl star was asked to give her take on her experience on the show, she said that during the

time she had taken a much-publicized two weeks off, she wasn’t slacking off, but recovering instead, from a

miscarriage that she had suffered while filming the show. She revealed that she needed the time off to recover

both physically and mentally, as her miscarriage took quite a toll on her. Lohan hasn’t revealed the name of the

person that fathered the child. She does not want to be involved in any more celebrity news gossip videos.

Tough Times

On the verge of tears, during her final confessional, she said that she couldn’t film because she was sick and

couldn’t move, contrary to the rumors that were doing the rounds about her holding up production. In a recent

interview, the starlet said that she found it tough to see people who were getting frustrated about why she wasn’t

continuing shooting her reality TV show. She was not out performing any street bike stunts or involved in any

skateboard fail compilation that is for sure.

She said that when she watched the series, she can relate to the girl on the screen, and wonders often, if anyone

is helping her.

Lohan has been battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol for years now. The show, that chronicled her life,

began filming just four days after she was released from her sixth stint in rehab last summer. This will have

been her sixth rehab stint in six years and none of this will be on any funny news bloopers or shown on any

latest funny videos.

She spoke about her addiction on the show saying that it is her biggest fear that her addiction will make her lose

everything she has worked hard for over the years. According to Lohan, her addiction is a scary disease just like

some people are addicted to watch free music videos.

Brighter Days Ahead

Unlike most popular shows on television that either highlight the funny prank videos, or the best stand up

comedy, this reality TV show is a take on Lohan’s life as she tries to recover from her addiction and get her life

back on track. Lohan is optimistic though, and says that she has been eagerly looking forward to shooting a new

film in June. She said that she is finally happy, and claimed that one of the most important things that she has

learned from her experience on the reality TV show is that her work ethic is different, and that she finally has

that fire back in her.

Benjamin Roussey

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