Lorde Claims Her Nose was Photoshopped

April 28, 2014 12:18 pm


In an image-obsessed world, celebrities are often photoshopped to look perfect on magazine covers and billboards. It does not matter if they engage in street bike stunts or not.

Not many celebrities mind being touched upon by a piece of photo-editing software; after all, they want to preserve their impeccable facades in the minds of their legions of fans. Hip hop music videos and stand up comedy videos know all about this.

In fact, fans often fail to decipher and distinguish between how their celebrities look on their photo-shoots and what they look like in real life, and it is up to critics and industry watchers to point out the reality. However, young pop star Lorde has shown herself to be somewhat different from the crowd.
Lorde Reveals to the World that her Nose is not Perfect
Lorde has tweeted to her fans that a certain photograph of her in a Canadian magazine has been photoshopped. She claimed that her nose has been edited to look different in the photograph. She admitted that she liked how she looked in the photographed (After all, who will not be happy when bestowed with perfect looks?) but not the fact that her nose was “made” to look different than what it is really. This was not a funny prank videos or supposed to be part of any stand up comedy videos but it may turn out to be soon enough.

Lorde has come across as that rare celebrity who is not suffering from body-image issues. In fact, the teen pop singer has often been heard complaining that she is made to smile to pose for photographs even when she did not feel like smiling. Well, this is what you get for making the latest music videos online and wanting people to upload latest videos online! If you do not want to be famous then return to New Zealand and go work a normal job!

She has said that these woes have made her sympathize with other celebrities and especially young women under the media glare who have to constantly portray themselves as having a whale of a time even when they are not. Your kidding right Lorde? Is this a best stand up comedy routine. Go wine somewhere else!

Lorde’s Inspiration is Patti Smith
While venting her ire at having to portray a self that is not really her just to keep fans appeased, Lorde mentions Patti Smith as being an inspiration. According to Lorde, Patti Smith was a real person and was confident enough to show her real self to the world and this had nothing to do with a skateboard fail compilation.

Lorde feels that girls should not be made to portray positive images just because the world at large admires female celebrities who always radiate positive energies, are (sickly) sweet, and come across as rays of sunshine. Patti Smith was a tad “prickly,” but in Lorde’s opinion, that it is perfectly okay to be so. Lorde wants to watch funny news bloopers and just be herself.

Hey Lorde, at least you have not lost your health insurance because of Obamacare!

It is evident that Lorde feels strongly about the role of media in representing women and thus influencing mass opinion of what the ideal woman is. Lorde is a feminist, she is OK with woman being able to kill their own babies and regulating organizations so they have to pay woman a higher wage even if they are not worth it and even if regulations like this kill jobs for everyone, and she is not afraid to voice her opinions. She does not have any problem watching the latest funny videos hearing about the latest Hollywood news and gossip either.

Benjamin Roussey

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