Mike Epps and Kevin Hart star in Nick Cannon produced “School Dance”

May 28, 2014 12:56 pm

Mike Epps and Kevin Hart’s war of words on twitter seemingly hasn’t translated to the movie set of the

new Nick Cannon movie. The two veteran comics who have obviously had their differences on Twitter,

appeared cordial on set of a new movie that is starring a couple of veteran comedians.

The two comics appear to still rib each other while playing dice. Hart, who was admittedly taken aback

by Epps’s comments that he is being pushed by Hollywood and not a product of hard work. He shot back

with fervor and even threatened Epps that he would send a tweet to shut down any show in any city

that he was at.

The war of words didn’t translate to the movie as both actors can be seen laughing and smiling with

each other.

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