Miley Cyrus Destroys her Looks in another Video

May 8, 2014 11:49 am

Oops! Miley Cyrus has did it again! The twerking and tongue-wagging star has released a new video of her,

wearing almost nothing. The two-minute video clip titled Miley Cyrus: Tongue Tied has shocked her fans,

music lovers, and industry watchers all around the world with its sexually explicit content, and has once again

established Miley’s reputation (read: notoriety) as a singer who turns more heads with her provocative gestures

and barely-there dresses than with her tunes and crooning talents.

The song is terrible. The beat is horrendous. You are better off watching funny animal videos of the latest

latest funny videos. She is pretty but the way she is moving and shown makes her unattractive. Nope, this will

not be about upload latest videos online but will soon be a part of latest Hollywood news and gossip.

Why Does the New Miley Cyrus Video Raise Eyebrows?

Miley’s latest video has eclipsed funny prank videos and hip hop music videos in popularity. It shows the

We Can’t Stop singer prancing and writing around the stage stripped down almost to her birthday suit. She has

donned only black tape across her nipples and black underwear. In one scene of the video, the Bangerz show-
famed singer is shown smearing black oil all over torso. Stupid, real stupid. Many people would rather watch a

better song by Katy Perry or some watch funny videos online.

Cyrus has some awesome songs underneath her belt, this is not one of them.

In another scene, the singer is seen suspended from the ceiling, secured only by some flimsy strips of clothes.

Miley Cyrus also appears in stark black-and-white as cartoon-like eyes and noses appear all over her face. It

seems that the video, produced by multimedia artist Quentin Jones, has no dearth of novel content while Miley

Cyrus alone raises the titillation quotient with her acts and attires. Too bad it makes her not that appealing in the

looks department.

Miley Cyrus and Her Titillating Shows and Music Videos

This new video by Miley Cyrus has not surprised most industry watchers. After her twerking performance at the

MTV Video Music Awards last year, Miley has established herself as a pop singer who is not afraid to shed her

clothes or make suggestive moves. She is all about being in celebrity news gossip videos and may as well be in

some street bike stunts because her videos do not reflect the words she is singing.

Her twerking performance is sure to go down the annals of music history as a cult act that pays no heed to

morals and the limits of decency.

Since then, Miley Cyrus has only strived to outperform herself and add greater degrees of shock value to her

musical performances. She has succeeded noticeably. Her Wrecking Ball video is as explicit as it can get while

her Bangerz tour has become a study in the delivery of explicit content that could have been only conceived

with one end in mind—to shock people out of their wits. This was not a supreme hip hop music videos at all

and the beat to this song was unimpressive. It was more like a grotesque art video with some odd music in the


In this context, it is worth noting that Miley Cyrus is currently out of twerking action with complaints of allergic

reaction to some medication that she had been taking. Some Bangerz tour shows have been postponed. But with

her latest shocking video, Miley Cyrus has once again proved that she may be down but she is never out.

Well, this song is not that appealing and it is too short. This is not one of her best songs and there are so many

other songs out there that blow this one away. Where are the funny news bloopers and the stand up comedy

videos at? At least Wrecking Ball was a glorious song.

Benjamin Roussey

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