MJ’s Love Child – Maybe?

March 7, 2014 10:16 am

Yes, what we’ve always suspected is true. The Beloved “King of Pop” was really Billy Jean’s lover. Well, not Billy Jean exactly but it seems Michael Jackson may have had a love affair with R&B beauty Miki Howard that resulted in a love child. Howard’s son Brandon is believed to be the son of pop icon Michael Jackson. According to reports, there is DNA evidence proving Brandon Howard is the eldest child of MJ. Though these results were not revealed on Maury, therefore they are not ironclad, the two do bear a striking resemblance.

Sources report that 31 year old Brandon Howard not only looks like his father but he has his incredible talent. His mother, Miki Howard is a phenomenal vocalist in her own right. In the 80s, Miki had hits such as Baby Be Mine, That’s What Love Is and of course there was Love Under New Management.

As far as attorney Howard Weitzman is concerned, proof or no proof, Brandon Howard is not able to claim one penny of Jackson’s Estate.

MJ fans worldwide will certainly be following this story closely watching his every move.
By Jennifer peck

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