Pharrell Williams Collaborates on Japanese Pop Song Video

May 16, 2014 12:06 pm

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It seems that pop singer Pharrell Williams is keen to reach out to new audiences in diverse markets. He has collaborated with Japanese superflat artist Takashi Murakami on a new animated video that has already gone viral on the Internet. So if you have not watched it already, stop looking at funny animal videos, hip hop videos, and stand-up comedy videos. The new video by Williams and Murakami will no doubt spellbind you.
About the Video
The new video is in honor of Takashi Murakami’s upcoming film Jellyfish Eyes. The video will feature a song sung by Hatsune Miku, a humanoid persona who makes a living as a vocal synthesizer but has the body of an anime star. Pharrell Williams has collaborated with Murakami for the remix of the song Last Night, Good Night. The original version of the song is actually the theme song of the film and had been composed on Livetune.
The video is strange but has a cute cartoon girl dancing. The beat is nothing special. You may want to skip this for sure and watch some hip hop music videos, street bike stunts, or some latest music videos online.

Pharrell Williams gets to have his own animated cartoon avatar on the video, with a hat that has also become the talking point amongst his fans. Pharrell’s on-screen avatar skips and dances through space and generally has a good time with the characters of the film, including Hatsune Miku. Regardless, this video is pretty boring and amazing anyone is talking about it. It must be pretty slow in the latest Hollywood news and gossip department.

The video has a lively, peppy feel to it and will definitely appeal to a large section of the audience.
Pharrell Williams in a New Role
The new video by Murakami sees Pharrell Williams in a new role. But then the singer has always been known to ditch stereotypes and embrace opportunities that test and expand his musical abilities. He has never been content just to dish out songs on Saturday Night Live or the Grammy Awards night. Trust him to find a new avenue and explore it to the hilt. So is J-Pop the next career goal for Pharrell Williams?
Well, he better make some more interesting videos or people will turn to watch funny videos online or stand up comedy videos in droves.

Benjamin Roussey

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