Pharrell Williams to Join The Voice

April 3, 2014 12:47 pm

Singer and music producer Pharrell Williams, of the Happy fame, will join The Voice as a coach. The popular

singing contest on NBC will enter its seventh season during the fall, and Williams will replace Cee Lo Green

on the judges’ panel. He will join pop star Christina Aguilera, country singer Blake Shelton, and Maroon 5

frontman Adam Levine on the panel.

They will are here to make funny animal videos or funny prank videos but to make a quality music show that

mainly interests teenagers and young adults.

The Versatile Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams dons many hats but none of them are for street bike stunts, he leaves that to the biking

experts. He first gained stardom after performing on Robin Thicke’s runaway hit Blurred Lines. He also

attracted attention of fans, music lovers, and critics with his performance on Daft Punk’s Get Lucky that was

nominated for a Grammy and could be why so many kids watch free music videos.

His song Happy from Despicable Me 2 was nominated for an Oscar. Incidentally, Williams has also composed

the music for this film, and all his scores have struck a chord with the audience.

Pharrell Williams is also known as a chic fashionable star who is not afraid to experiment with edgy and out-of-
the-box designs and attires. For instance, Williams had rocked the fashion world by pairing shorts with tuxedo

at the 2014 Oscar’s ceremony and by donning a big brown hat on the Grammy Awards night.

The Voice Hopes to Garner More TRPs with the Inclusion of Pharrell Williams

NBC’s singing show has always garnered as much publicity on account of its celebrity judges panel as for its

talented contestants. In fact, its judges’ panel is believed to be one of the most significant factors that have

contributed to the soaring popularity of the show. NBC’s show attracts about 13.8 million viewers every

episode, and this season, it has outnumbered its arch rival, American Idol on the Fox channel, by a whopping 3

million viewers each episode and this is not because they are making the best latest funny videos, they are not

in that racket, it is because the quality of the show is superior.

Well, American Idol could never replace Simon but even with that said, it still is a fantastic show. No one watch

Simon on AI before because of his street bike stunts, he does not engage in this activity, but for his ability to

speak the truth! He was not PC and it was refreshing.

The judges for the spring season of The Voice are Colombian pop singer Shakira, R&B singer Usher, Levine,

and Shelton.

NBC’s The Voice is also regarded as one of the most coveted platforms in the music industry to launch and/

or promote a song. Christina Aguilera and Maroon 5 performed their single Moves Like Jagger on this show

before it went on to become one of the biggest hits of 2011. So music lovers and fans of Pharrell Williams can

expect the singer to belt out some of his numbers for them after he comes on board and they may even make hip

hop music videos with him starring in them because of this talent.

On the other hand, fashion watchers will surely want to keep an eye on the outfits that Williams will choose for

his appearances on the show.

Benjamin Roussey

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