Pop Evil’s New Single Torn to Pieces is a Hit

May 16, 2014 8:35 pm

Pop Evil is on a never-before high and this has nothing to do with funny prank videos or creating a best stand up

comedy act. Their latest album Onyx has proved to be a resounding success with more and more singles from it

busting the charts and soaring to stratospheric heights of popularity. The latest single from Onyx to catapult up

the charts is Torn to Pieces. It seems that there’s no stopping Pop Evil from lording over the musical charts for a

long time to come.

About Torn to Pieces

Torn to Pieces was premiered by Loudwire Nights, and in no time at all, the music video went viral on the

Internet. People forgot about browsing for funny animal videos and instead searched for this new Pop Evil

single. Others gladly gave the hip hop music videos and stand-up comedy videos the miss to instead watch

Leigh Kakaty, the Pop Evil frontman, belt out the soulful number. The song has stirred the hearts of millions

around the world. But probably not many Pop Evil fans and pop music aficionados know the story behind the


A Song with Merit

Leigh Kakaty took refuge in Torn to Pieces when his father passed away in 2011. Needless to say, the song was

not published then. The song was his healer, and he refused to make it a part of an album. But his band mates

convinced him that this song could heal many more hearts if it was released in an album. Kakaty took some

time off to pray and contemplate. There is nothing wrong with the former. More people in this country should

do that rather than engaging in the latest Hollywood news and gossip and paying attention to celebrity news

gossip videos.

He realized that his father would have wanted him to reach out to million unhappy souls battling their personal

losses with his song and try and heal them. So this is the touching story behind Torn to Pieces. This is serious,

you can watch the funny animal videos later.

It is not surprising that Torn to Pieces has resonated with so many people and has touched many hearts. The

language of heartfelt grief and the earnest desire to spread the healing message can never be ignored. And

anyone who likes to watch the latest music videos online should know about this.

Benjamin Roussey

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