Popular Stripper Jhonni Blaze linked to her boyfriend’s murder

March 17, 2014 2:49 pm

Popular stripper Jhonni Blaze who has used social media as a tool to further her career

and orchestrate beefs with well established artist was arrested today in connection with her

boyfriend’s death in Houston in December.

Blaze, whose real name was Jzapal Jackson, fled initial inquiries about the murder that

happened outside of NOX nightclub, to travel to Houston to avoid persecution. A texas

county judge declared her a “fugitive from justice” and ordered her a warrant after talking to

authorities in Atlanta.

The 5 foot 157 lbs vixen is currently in holding after violent incidents with other inmates

forced them to separate her from them.

Blaze has been known for her buxom backside and her fiery temper. She got involved

recently with a war of words with “Love and Hip Hop’s”, Erica Mena after Mena sent a shot

her with about her association with co-star Rich Dollaz. Mena also escalated the beef by

talking about the lover in question’s death.

Blaze also had a war of words with R&B darling Keyshia Cole after Cole alleged her

husband’s infidelity had something to do with Jackson’s friend.

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