Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Porsha Stewart, Kenya Moore get into vicious fight

March 29, 2014 1:12 pm

There has always been drama in Bravo TV’s reality “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”,

but on the special reunion episode on Thursday Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore just got in

a full-on fight! US Weekly reported that according to witnesses Porsha stood up, followed by

Kenya and pulled her hair. The brief but nasty fight was stopped by Andy Cohen and

producers who jumped in, followed by the security and ended it in a matter of seconds.

Porsha, who recently got divorced with former NFL quarterback Kordell Williams,

commented in an interview for the magazine “When we’re at the dinner Kenya starts to call

me a beard and she was trying to call Kordell gay. I’ve never called Kordell gay,” Stewart

says. “If [Kenya] has a problem with him being gay, if she thinks he’s gay, she should take

that up with him instead of running around and calling me a beard. When I was married, I

loved him deeply. I was a wife to him. That’s what I was in that relationship”. Porsha adds that

Kenya has always been jealous of her even when she was going through hard times and that

the former Miss USA “should never talk about marriage . . . She’ll have to correct a lot of

things before that [a husband] ever happens for her.”

Porsha doesn’t stop here. She also calls Moore a “thirsty person” who also caused

problems for costar Phaedra Parks, mentioning an inappropriate chat with of Kenya with

Phaedra’s husband Apolla Nida during a group trip to Mexico.

Stewart and Moore have been fighting for years. Back in November 2012, Moore

called then-newcomer Stewart “naive” and “heifer”, minutes after meeting her in Season 5.

The ladies are physically fine after the brawl, but are definitely delivering a must-see

reality TV time for some and… high ratings for the show!

Watch the full video of Porsha Stewart’s interview for US Weekly below:

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