Rihanna and Drake officially a couple

March 17, 2014 2:53 pm

After much speculation, rumors and innuendo it is finally official: Drake and Rihanna are a couple. The

two have been seen recently on legs of Drake’s tour of Europe and Rihanna’s staffers have reached out

to TMZ and told the website that they are an item.

The official courtship began sometime around the famous tryst the two had that was documented on

Drake’s song “Fireworks.” They have been linked off and on in various tabloids and have decided to give

the relationship a shot.

The two have a convoluted history, including Drake and Chris Brown’s incident in New York which

resulted in both parties getting sued. The two have put aside past difference and numerous pot shots to

move on with their lives.

Rihanna and Drake have been hot in cold but things have heated up since the historically frigid period

when she briefly dated Chris Brown again.

The two lovebuds have nothing but flattering things to say about each other. Rihanna has said that

Drake treats her better than any man she has ever been with. Drake, who has obviously been smitten

with Rihanna for awhile, has “he’s in the best mood he’s been in a long time,” according to sources close

to the situation.

by Kyle Bostic

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