Rio Ferdinand Showcases Dribbling Skills on Video by Olly Murs

May 7, 2014 12:38 pm

You may have been busy browsing the latest funny videos on the Internet or have already laid your hands on a treasure trove of hip hop music videos. But this video is going to be more entertaining than whatever you may have seen till now. The video in reference is a freestyle video by pop singer Olly Murs, an X Factor contestant, and it features footballer Rio Ferdinand. Watch this video and enjoy the singer and the footballer showcase their dribbling skills. Rio Ferdinand is expectedly good at it, but you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that Olly Murs is no amateur with the ball either.
Rio Ferdinand Shows that he has not Lost His Famous Touch
Manchester United defender and former England and Leeds team man Rio Ferdinand will leave Old Trafford in about a month. But the Olly Murs video shows the world why he is still revered as a star footballer who has magical dribbling skills. He does not care to master any skateboard fail compilation or tear it up with some outstanding and poetic street bike stunts―his talents and interests are a little more mainstream.

He has impressed football fans all over the world with his skills on the field and has thwarted many an attempt from opponents to find the net and score a goal. It is thus not surprising that Ferdinand has been coveted by every team he has played in.
The star footballer has now put up his footballing skills on display in a freestyle video by Olly Murs. This 30-second video shows the footballer and the singer pitting their dribbling talents against one another. Rio Ferdinand posted this video on his Facebook page, and not surprisingly, it immediately went viral. It is about watch free music videos and having people the world over upload latest videos online apparently.

Olly Murs Impresses with His Footballing Skills
There is no doubt that pop singer Olly Murs has impressive crooning talents. But his freestyle video featuring Rio Ferdinand has brought to light his skills with the football as well. Music lovers and football fans around the world were surprised to see the pop star not only keep up with Ferdinand but also do a stellar job of it.
It may not be known to many that Olly Murs is an avid Manchester United fan and often takes part in charity football matches. So it is not surprising that he did not look like a blundering novice with the ball. He was clearly elated sharing video space Rio Ferdinand. After the video, he tweeted, “Ledge day working with this guy @rioferdy5 can’t tell you what yet But proper laugh!!” Ferdinand too enjoyed being on the video, for he described Murs as a “top man” in his reply.
Good for them, now they are all about being a part of celebrity news gossip videos.
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