Rza responds to Raekwon’s boycott of new Wu-Tang projects

April 22, 2014 6:36 pm


The former brotherly bond that existed between Wu-Tang Clan co-horts Rza and Raekwon has

been tested in the press recently as Raekwon has said he is boycotting all projects till he and

“Bobby Digital” are on the same page.

Raekwon discussed his absence from the allbum, “A Better Tomorrow” with Rolling Stone

magazine and his disinterest in the whole project making a sport analogy in the process. “Rza’s

a coach who won rings back in the day, but now your team is in ninth place. It’s time for a new

f****** game plan,” the Chef proclaimed. The author of the “Only Built for Cuban Linx” album

also announced he was on strike until the quality is up to usual Wu-Tang standard.

Rza responded to Raekwon with a plea to keep their quarrels behind closed doors.

“What we’re not doing as brothers and as business brothers is putting in time together, I have

to read about how he feels. He has to read about how I feel. I’m gonna clear one thing up. In

the newest article in Rolling Stone Raekwon says that I’m a boldface liar, which I’m far from, “I

don’t need to lie. I’m a grown man. I’ve got children. I only have one rule in my house, ‘Don’t lie

to me’.”

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