Shakira’s New Album Explores New Sounds

April 8, 2014 3:38 pm

Colombian pop star Shakira’s latest album, eponymous and in English, explores new sounds and includes tracks

that reflect momentous phases and influences from her own life. Most tracks dwell on the theme of love and

its varied manifestations and the lyrics of many songs talk about her undying love for her son and footballer-
husband Gerard Pique. He plays football or soccer, he does not make the latest funny videos or consume his

time making street bike stunts. He may watch funny videos online with Shakira while not having any issue

with the fact that she does not make the finest hip hop music videos.

The musical notes and strains are influenced by genres from all around the world, like pop, rock, country music,

reggae, and her signature Latin style. So if you like watching hip hop music videos, you will definitely want to

own a copy of Shakira’s latest album.

Shakira Explores and Fuses Different Musical Genres to Create New Sounds

Shakira’s musical ear and her uncanny ability to mix sounds are evident from tracks like Dare (La La La). This

opening song of the album is influenced by the EDM trend that is doing the rounds right now in musical circuits

around the world. The song’s electronic atmosphere peppered with syncopated beats complement her accented

vocals and the result is a refreshing and intriguing medley of sounds.

In Broken Record, Shakira’s throaty melodious voice blends perfectly with the light beats of drums. The song

touches on the pangs of lost love and the romantic lyrics do not fail to tug at the listeners’ heartstrings. This is

not part of the latest Hollywood news and gossip, this is fact.

The One, Spotlight, and Empire have been inspired by the rock and pop genres. But even while staying true to

these mainstream influences and while she may upload latest videos online, Shakira has managed to infuse

novelty in these tracks by incorporating reggae and Colombian sounds. All these three songs combine heavy

guitar sounds that give energy to them and Shakira’s whispery lyrics add to their lingering charm. Tracks like

23 and You Don’t Care About Me too are inspired by pop rock but include Spanish guitar beats as an added

measure of novelty.

Shakira’s Collaborations with Other Singers

The highlights of Shakira’s newest album, which you never see as being on the list of funny prank videos,

are the tracks she has produced in collaboration with other singers. She has paired with Rihanna on Can’t

Remember to Forget You, with Blake Shelton on Medicine, and with MAGIC! on Cut Me Deep.

Rihanna and Shakira’s pairing comes off exceedingly well and Can’t Remember to Forget You is a heart-
rendering song about love spurned, delivered with the aid of scorching lyrics. Shakira and MAGIC! too pair

well, and their collaboration proves once more that Shakira can adapt to any sound and musical genre almost


You may love to watch free music videos, but make sure that you own a copy of Shakira’s album.

Benjamin Roussey

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