Slowbucks talks to Breakfast Club about “snitch” label

June 20, 2014 2:03 pm

The clothing brand owner who was involved in the Summer Jam incident, finally broke his

silence talking to the Power 105’s Breakfast Club about the incident and other things that

happened immediately after that.

Charlemagne grilled Slow about the Press Conference which Slow admitted to being at

the behest of his partners in participating with that. He also indicated that there was no

documentation that he signed that involved putting anybody in jail. He double up on that point

saying that he would sell his company if it were proven that he “snitched”.

Slow also talked on his current relationships with rappers, even some in the G-Unit camp. He

said that his relationship with Fabolous is still cordial, though reports of an incident directly after

Summer Jam says that there still may be tension there. He also referenced his relationship

to Lloyd Banks and said that he is still cool with him, though he understands where he stands

because of his allegiance to 50 cent.

Lastly, he reiterated that his brand is to promote positivit

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