TLC, Rihanna involved in war of words over the weekend

June 9, 2014 6:04 pm

TLC in an interview in a recent run of their tour in Australia lashed out against the current crop of R&B

divas, for overtly using sex as a primary way to sell records. The seemingly singled out Rihanna in a

statement they made saying that “We became the biggest girl selling group of all time with our clothes

on and that says a lot.”

Rihanna not to be outdone by the prestigious girl group, clapped back by making a revealing photo of

TLC her header and tweeted “PH*** what an OLD THOT has to say”.

T-Boz was not amused by the pop songstress slander and decided to readdress the issue on social

media. She claimed she never gave the impression she was talking about Rihanna or her likeness in the

video. In her tweet, she says clearly that she likes the Barbadian beauty and that she is still going to

speak her mind but she wants the journalist who cover what she says to get it right.

Rihanna has been the subject of scrutiny since the CFDA’s where she accepted a fashion award in a very

revealing dress.

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