Trick Daddy arrested for Drug possession

April 5, 2014 7:54 am

Entertainment News, Hip Hop

Miami-Dade County rapper Trick Daddy, who is famous for such hits as “Nann” and “Let’s Go”, was

arrested at his home on cocaine and gun charges. The rapper whose real name is Maurice Young, is

subject to laws which state a convicted felon such as himself cannot be in possession of a gun.

Young was arrested as Liberty City police visited his own with a “sniff warrant” which stated that police

could bring dogs outside the home to sniff with dogs. Trick was approached by police as he pulled up to

the estate.

The rapper asked if it was in reference to child support payments that were also outstanding to the

officers indicated the initial cause of investigation was because the rapper was driving with a suspended


When officers showed him the warrant he then admitted to officers that he had marijuana and cocaine

inside his home and initially signed a warrant for them to search the premises. He soon rescinded that


Young was arrested after a gun was found under a pillow in the house. He was held and released after

paying a $6,100.

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