We Are Giving Away Our Channel To One Fan (Sort Of…) + $1000 Giveaway

In all of the years of doing this channel, I never imaged we do something this crazy, but we like crazy, so if you follow the contest rules below, you have a chance to win $1000 worth of camera gear and your own segment on our channel, plus a one hour chat with us about starting your own cooking series on our channel.

Contest details
1. Film a video, no more than 3 minutes long, that showcases your cooking show concept. If you add music please be sure that it’s royalty free (you can use Youtube’s creator studio music or something else you find). The video can be as simple as all close-ups of you cooking with text or narration over it, it can be you cooking in a kitchen, or whatever feels right. All we ask is that you keep it in the Brothers Green spirit.
2. Send your video via www.wetransfer.com to [email protected] or upload it to youtube, make it unlisted, and send us a link to the above email.
3. With the email send your name, age and location. If you’d like you can add a bit about you/the segment you sent.
4. You have two weeks from today to send in your video, don’t worry about the quality of your equipment, we are looking for creativity and passion.
5. 3 of the top videos will get featured on an episode, the fans will vote, and one person will win a featured episode on our channel, with the change to become a full time Brother, or Sister Green on our channel. They will also win $1000 of camera gear and a consultation with us about making your own episode.

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